Tips and Tricks for Movement

Tips and Tricks for Movement

How to perform your paper theatre show

In this behind the scenes look at Abi Stushnoff’s paper theatre, “A Walk in the Park,” you get a glimpse at the tips, tricks, and collaborative efforts that bring a paper theatre to life with movement. This Tips and Tricks for Movement video will explore:

  • The body in relation to the puppet
  • The body in relation to the set
  • The body as part of the performance

Playing with your puppets to discover how they can move will take time and it’s helpful to have someone observe and tell you what they see. Don’t be afraid to play

Watch Abi’s full paper theatre show, “A Walk in the Park,” here.

  • Abi Stushnoff – Performer, writer, camera person
  • Katie Mooney – Narrator, editor