Clay & Paper Theatre Goes Online!

Clay and Paper Theatre (C&P) has been creating big, original, image-based plays, pageants, and parades with and for the community in parks across the city of Toronto for the past 27 years. We use large-scale puppetry to tell today’s urgent stories.

What is small, fun and made of paper?

This summer, Clay and Paper Theatre comes into your homes and gets small – very small – with our returning online project: The Third Eye, a community experience in paper theatre storytelling. Paper theatres are also called toy theatres because they’re small-scale (think computer screen or shoe box), made of paper and EVERYONE can make one.

Create With Us!

Clay and Paper Theatre and the Toronto Arts Foundation’s Arts in the Parks, invite you to join us on a creative journey. During these very unusual times, we hope to create a time capsule of life and wisdom in and around our communities. Through your paper theatre, we invite you to share your view from where you are, to share the wisdom from your third eye.

What You’ll Make

A Walk in the Park, Abi Stushnoff (Clay and Paper Theatre artist and Third Eye facilitator)

I walk a great deal more during these tumultuous times: to reconnect with my breath, to the rhythm of my feet, to hear myself think. Today, the pace of walking seems closest to my thoughts.  “A Walk in the Park” is an étude to this wandering path we call life.

To see more paper theatres from our Third Eye’s pilot workshops, click here.

Watching You, Kira Hashie (Clay and Paper Theatre artist and Third Eye facilitator)

We forget that we are not the only inhabitants on this planet. The animals explore while we stay inside. The city hustle and bustle fades away and nature takes back the land. They come closer and they watch. As the city life rekindles the animals disperse, fading back into the land as if nothing had ever changed.

To see more paper theatres from our Third Eye’s pilot workshops, click here.

Who can participate?

The Third Eye project welcomes adults, youth and children to explore and build with us. Children must be eleven years of age or older and work together on the project with their parent(s) or guardian(s).

The Workshops

4 online workshops (1.5 hrs each x 4), provide you with the tools to make a paper theatre, create your own 3-minute story, perform it, and record it.

Extra coaching and help

With small, online groups, and a personal coach (for offline help), participants get lots of attention and assistance from Clay and Paper Theatre artists.


Access online resources and skills sharing videos on: story making, building a paper theatre, how to make your puppets and objects move, getting ready for a performance, how to record your performance.

Need supplies?

We’ll focus on using materials and technologies found in your home. But if needed, we can also support you with free supplies to make your paper theatre. We’ll prepare and safely drop off your supplies to you.

Sharing showcase

At the end of the summer, we’ll share videos of our paper theatres with one another in a showcase performance hosted online by Clay and Paper Theatre.

Join us!

Who has a Third Eye?

We all do, actually. We all have life experience, lived knowledge and wisdom to share, whether you’re 11 or 111 years old!

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