Zine – Visualizing Stories

Visualizing Stories: Bringing Your Idea to Life

Stories come in all different shapes and styles. They can be driven by plot and characters, or an idea, feeling, or theme. Sometimes stories have a lesson, something for the audience will take away with them. Often a story is told in a linear order, from beginning to middle to end. But these aren’t hard rules! A story could start at the end, and work its way back to the beginning – the possibilities are endless! It’s up to you to decide what story you want to tell, and you get to choose how to tell it! 

Getting some ideas? Too many? Not enough? Well don’t worry, this zine is here to help!

This Zine includes:

  • Part 1: Types of Stories
  • Part 2: Finding Inspiration
  • Part 3: Visualization
  • Part 4: Editing
  • Part 5: Activities
  • Part 6: Glossary